Web Page Wiz - DB Edit - File Access: A suite of Web based tools


The Web Page Wiz project is to create a suite of web based tools for web site administration. There are three parts to it at the moment:

  • Web Page Wizard - a tool for system administrators to offer temlate based web sites for their users. It offers users to build a basic web site from pre-designed templates and layouts, similar in concept to the tools offered by GeoCities and others.
  • DB Edit - a general, yet powerful, database interface. This is mostly for people who use databases often but may or may not be familar with administering one. Features include: access to any database with an appropriate perl DBD::* module, multiple user access, control users access/permissions, export tables to various formats, upload/import data into tables, view DBI history, create/manage multiple database connections (DSNs), add/edit/delete records in any table. View some screen shots here.
  • File Access - this is a web based account access/file management tool. Users can view/rename/delete/upload/create files within their home directory. They can also edit/create any text files, change file permissions, and create directories.

None of these tools are yet considered stable. They are offered to the public to download and use, but they should not be used in any production environment. The most stable of the three is DB Edit.

sourceforge project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webpagewiz/

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